7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid
DIY Auto Body Repairs

DIY Auto Body Repairs Are Not A Good Idea

Your vehicle has sustained auto body damage and you are thinking of fixing it yourself. There are many reasons why this is not a good idea. Every year, around 6-7 million accidents occur in the US, resulting in billions of dollars of body damages and collision repairs. You’ll have to get your vehicle fixed if you want it back to its original running condition. But instead of visiting a body shop, many Texans now take the DIY route to repair their cars using information from the internet. Like self-diagnosis, home improvements, installations, and cooking, etc, the internet has now spawned DIY auto body repairs with thousands of images and videos on YouTube and car repair sites.

While there’s nothing wrong with learning and trying to do things yourself, complex vehicle repair requires years of training and education. More importantly, using the internet to diagnose issues can be downright dangerous, and potentially even more costly than seeing a mechanic. Moreover, attempting to perform advanced repairs might not bring about the same results as you would get by opting for professional auto body repair services in Texas or anywhere else in the country.

Read on to find out the 7 main reasons why DIY auto body repairs are a bad idea, not just for your pockets, but also for your health.

7 Reasons to Avoid DIY Auto Body Repairs in Austin

1.     Fixing Body Damage Requires Professional Intervention

It takes a lot more than some hot water and a strong hand to pull out a dent. Auto body repair is a complicated process that requires professional intervention and specialized tools. Even if you have a garage full of specialized tools, such as dent pullers and pain guns, you’ll still need the experience to successfully do the repair job, unless you’re willing to experiment.

2.     Lack of Proper Tools and Equipment

Even the most straightforward repair jobs require essential tools and equipment, which are not cheap to procure. Many car owners only have a basic toolset that comes with a car jack, screwdrivers, spanners, and breaker bar, etc. Meanwhile, auto body workshops pack more advanced tools and equipment that they use for daily operations.

3.     More Time Consuming

DIY auto body repairs are extremely time-consuming, especially for amateurs who are learning on the job. Unless you don’t have other priorities, you should leave the repairs to professionals who can take your car apart and put it back together faster than you could change a flat tire.

4.     Health Concerns

Taking the DIY route to fix your car is potentially dangerous, especially if the repair involves welding, drilling, cutting, and painting. Hazards include paint fumes, airborne particles, carbon monoxide, fiberglass resin fumes, hot metal, etc. As a result, you’ll need to proactively procure proper safety equipment, such as safety goggles and an approved respirator.  

5.     Inferior Results

When it comes to car repairs, it all falls to expertise, experience, and equipment. The best auto body shops in Austin have decades of experience in dealing with minor fender benders and major collisions, meaning they can do a much better job than you can, quicker and cheaper. When taking the DIY route, you’ll be investing in tools and supplies, which will only add to the cost. Unless you’ve done this before many times, it’s unlikely you’ll have enough practice for a perfect finish.

6.     Damaged Vehicle Prepping is Challenging

There’s more to fixing a damaged bumper or side panel than disassembling and refitting. It requires a lot of prep work before you can install new parts. For instance, before a paint job, you need to remove all the dust particles from the surface to avoid paint scraping off over time.

7.     No Controlled Environment

Many car owners think they can carry out any type of repairs in their garage or driveway. With this approach, you’re bound to make several mistakes and risk further damage. By opting for an auto body shop, not only do you get a controlled environment with proper tools and equipment, but you also deal with less dust, dirt, and harmful chemicals.

Need Top-Notch Auto Body Repairs In Austin?

Investing in a professional auto body shop is a much better decision than DIY auto body repairs, no matter how small the damage to your car following a car accident. If you’re looking for high-quality repair services in Austin, we highly recommend checking out Covert Collision. With decades of experience under our belt, we can tackle any repair job with ease and be transparent with you at every step of the diagnosis, service, and parts procurement.  Get in touch for more information!

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