Vehicle Dent Repair and Paint

When buying a new car, often one of the most important personal decisions to make is what color to get. Most folks have strong feelings about what color or colors they want their vehicle painted…and also similar strong feelings about what colors to avoid! This is a big personal decision, and one of the forms of expression your vehicle carries with it on display for all to see. If your vehicle’s paint is scratched, chipped, suffers from oxidation or has any visible damage even from a minor dent, it can make a significant impact on the pride of ownership by compromising your vehicle’s overall looks. Beyond that, scratches in the paint can lead to oxidation, rust, and deterioration of the surrounding panel – your vehicle’s paint is a necessary protective layer. Unlike most body shops, Covert Collision Center has a team of OEM factory certified and I-CAR Gold Class Certified technicians that utilize OEM paint codes and formulations to replicate the exact color of your vehicle. This will ensure that any damaged bumpers, fenders, doors, quarter panels, pillars, or other body parts all match or exceed the OEM standards of your vehicle. 

Paint Process:

Automotive painting is among the most underappreciated artforms. That’s right, we consider it an artform, and we think you’ll appreciate our passion! The team at Covert Collision Center consists of professionals who have dedicated their careers to their craft and take great care when it comes to painting your vehicle. Needless to say, we take pride in our work. Most people think of paint in terms of home improvement or furniture restoration projects, but the truth is, auto paint is a far more complex undertaking that requires extensive training, expertise, tools and precision to achieve a professional result. Our team’s dedication to excellence in this artform of restoring vehicles sets Covert Collision Center apart from other body shops in the Austin Area.

So, how exactly is the automotive painting process so complex and different? First of all, automotive grade paint is very thin and unforgiving when it comes to dust or other imperfections. Vehicles are designed with sculpted body lines that flow in a way that comes together to create a sort of engineered sculpture. When repairing body panels and painting fresh surfaces, it’s absolutely essential that the surfaces are not only exactly in line and have a factory-finish, but also that they are cleaned and prepped thoroughly with special tools and solvents. Once it’s time to apply primer, the tools required ensure that the application is seamless, creating no additional imperfections. There are a few stages involved with time to cure baked in to the process, and further fine finishing where needed. Cleaning and re-checking ensures that the next step goes smoothly. After the primer cures, the base coat is mixed to ensure that the color matches the vehicle’s exact color. Our advanced computerized color matching systems come in handy here, as there’s no room for error. Our world-class paint work also requires that we use world-class quality paints. Every vehicle that comes through our shop will be treated to the excellent quality Glasurit 90-Line Waterborne Paint products, no matter the brand or year model of the vehicle.  Covert Collision Center’s goal is that repaired areas cannot be spotted. As an added bonus, Glasurit 90-Line Waterborne Topcoat is environmentally friendly, and creates a healthier working environment for our paint and body professionals. After repeating the base coat process, and allowing cure time in a controlled environment, the clear coat stage begins. Through multiple rounds of further careful application, this process gives a vehicle that incredible, deep shine that accentuates the design of the vehicle. Fine compounding and polishing ensures that the finished product is indistinguishable from brand new to make sure that you, or anyone else for that matter, cannot tell that your vehicle was ever damaged in the first place.


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