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The exterior of your car directly impacts its appearance. Any noticeable troubles on it can significantly undermine the aesthetics and diminish its resale value. When we talk about car exterior, we generally refer to the paint and the metal body underneath it, both of which should stay intact.

But the good news about exterior issues is that they can be more easily detected than internal issues. All you need to do is keep your eyes open for any changes on the body.

Here are some car body issues that should prompt you to take your vehicle to a certified aluminum auto body shop in Austin.

Auto Body Repairs That You Need A Certified Aluminum Body Shop To Fix


When you think about auto body work, the first thing that pops into your mind is dealing with dents, which are a common occurrence for vehicles. Whether you engage in a minor accident with a bike or car or end up colliding with a pole or gate, your car will likely experience one or more dents on its body. In other cases, you may return to see a dent on your parked car, suggesting that another vehicle collided with it.

In more serious collisions, the dents can expose the metal of your car’s body, making it susceptible to further damage. Regardless of how deep or shallow a dent is, it’s important to take the damaged vehicle to an aluminum auto body shop in Austin without any delay and get the dents fixed.

While you’ll need some form of auto body painting for serious dent repairs, some minor dents can be fixed without painting.

Fading Paint

Another case where you may need to take your vehicle to an auto body shop is when you see fading paint on your car. The issue can significantly distort the appearance of your vehicle. The problem mostly results from extreme weather conditions, weather fluctuations, and UV rays from the sun.

But fading paint has more serious implications for your car than losing aesthetics. Upon fading, the paint thins out, after which it fails to protect the metal frame on the car body. Without this protection, the metal underneath may rust and lead to more serious complications.

To avoid these problems, you should respond quickly to any paint issues and have your car repainted at a local certified auto body shop in Austin. Once the vehicle has been repainted, ensure regular waxing thereafter, so as to preserve the new paint.


There are a myriad of causes for rust on your car’s body, ranging from unfavorable weather conditions to reckless driving to collisions. Regardless of the cause, however, it’s important to react to it quickly when you notice rust developing on the exterior of your car. In the beginning, you’ll only notice that the paint bubbles up and deforms in large spots or patches. Upon removing this paint, you’ll find large rusty patches destroying the metallic exterior of your vehicle’s surface.

Without any delay, take your car to a certified aluminum auto body shop if you face the problem of rust.

Peeling Paint

In some cases, the paint on your vehicle simply starts peeling off. It’s most likely the clear coat getting separated from your vehicle’s base coat. In the absence of the clearcoat, the base coat gets exposed to other types of damages and pollution. If you continue to ignore the problem, the paint won’t stay intact for very long.

Thus, you should be responsive to peeling paint. In fact, you should stay alert for any discoloration or bubbles on the paint, which are among the earliest signs of peeling paint. If you notice any such changes, seek professional auto body work in Austin.

Deep Scratches

Scratches are the most common problem your car’s body can face. A simple brush of your keys against it can lead to scratches. In other cases, more serious scratches might be a result of neighborhood children messing with your car or minor contact with other vehicles.

Each time you notice a scratch on your car’s body, pay attention to how deep it is. If the scratch has cut through the paint and left the metal underneath the paint exposed, you’ll need to have an auto body professional in Austin treat it because any amount of metal that’s left exposed can be subject to rusting.

Where To Find A Certified Aluminum Body Shop In Austin

Now that you know when your car needs a certified aluminum auto body shop in Austin, it’s time to get pragmatic. Stay more vigilant than usual for any changes on your car’s body such as scratches, dents, and peeling or fading paint, and seek a professional auto body shop when necessary.

Investing in a professional auto body shop is a much better decision than DIY auto body repairs, no matter how small the damage to your car. If you’re looking for high-quality repair services in Austin, we highly recommend checking out Covert Collision. With decades of experience under our belt, we can tackle any repair job with ease and be transparent with you at every step of the diagnosis, service, and parts procurement.  Get in touch for more information!

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