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Certified Ford Repair Services In Austin

Following an accident, most people take their cars to the closest body shop near them for repairs due to urgency or unawareness. By doing this, they put their cars at risk of improper repair or exaggerated costs. Not all body shops are the same, so you must check beforehand if the shop you’re headed to has the right tools and equipment or experienced technicians. More importantly, modern cars like Ford have sophisticated tech and driver assistance features that can easily be affected by the quality of the repair. Repairing a part incorrectly can cause further damage, and even affect its resale value and safety.

So whether you drive a Mustang, Bronco, F-150, or any other Ford model, you should always opt for a certified Ford auto body shop. Covert Collision Center in Austin, Texas is one of the oldest and most renowned body shops in the state. They have been in business since 1909 and offer expert collision repair services. So, if you’ve had an accident in the area and require repair services of the highest quality, look no further.

We’ll check out the top benefits of choosing a Certified Ford auto body shop near you for collision repairs and routine service.

The Benefits of Choosing a Certified Ford Auto Body Shop Near You

1.     Genuine Ford Replacement Parts

Collision repairs go beyond banging out fender benders and refreshing the paint job. Modern Ford models feature several smart sensors and tech features that rely on unique parts to function properly. This makes it vital to make repairs using genuine replacement parts designed by ford. Generic parts or low-quality copies are not all built equal. With genuine parts, you can ensure the same reliability as the original parts.

2.     Certified Ford Technicians

While you can easily purchase original replacement parts from a dealer, you’ll still need an experienced technician who understands how to properly install them. Certified Ford technicians are well-versed in the anatomy of old and new Ford models so they can take out disassemble, fix, and reassemble parts effortlessly.

3.     Proper Tools and Equipment

Every car brand, including Ford, employs several unique parts, components, and systems that are specifically designed for the models they manufacture. Choosing a certified Ford auto body shop will ensure proper repairs based on your model’s design and specifications. Unlike local shops, they have the expertise, experience, and proper tools and equipment to work on aluminum panels, complex wirings, and mechatronic infrastructure.

4.     Maintained Vehicle Value

Only by opting for a certified Ford body shop can you maintain your vehicle’s value. This means that if you plan to sell it in the future, you can get a good price even if after a major accident. Local shops generally use salvaged or reconditioned parts to keep things running, and this affects the resale value.

5.     Computerized Evaluation

All modern Ford vehicles would be hooked to a software-based scanning tool to reset or fix the coding so the vehicle functions efficiently. You cannot find this software and computers at a local body shop. Nor can you find technicians who can fix tens of thousands of codes. And even if they can, you don’t want to risk your safety by opting for improvised solutions just so you can save a few bucks. Spending money on a certified Ford auto body shop near you is a smart investment that can pay off in the long run.

Looking for a Certified Ford Auto Body Shop in Austin, Texas?

At Covert Collision Center, our certified Ford technicians have worked on every Ford model in existence from the legendary Mustang to the reincarnated Bronco, Explorer, F-150, and Escort, etc. Our versatile team of several industry veterans and experts has the latest tools and equipment using which we can disassemble, fix, and assemble your car and return it to its original condition.

Once you try out our repair services, you won’t need to Google search “Certified Ford auto body shop near me” anymore.  So contact our team and set an appointment. From minor fender benders to major accidents, we’ve got you covered.

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