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3 Things to Look for in a Collision Center

Are you looking for a reputable collision center to repair your vehicle after an accident? With auto repair shops located in every corner of the city, finding a collision center in Austin might be simple, but finding the right one might take some research, time, and thought. The days and weeks after an accident can be quite stressful. You deserve to work with someone who will do the job right the first time and deliver high-quality services at a reasonable price. Therefore, to help you find the right auto body repair shop in Austin, we have created a list of the three things to look for in a collision center. Let’s begin!

1.    Replacement Parts and Repair Techniques

When looking for a collision center, you will want to choose a shop with extensive years of experience working on vehicles of all makes and models, as only then will they be able to provide you with high-quality services and specialized OEM parts in case of a replacement. Also, when inspecting a collision center in Austin, you should first visit their location to have an idea of the cost and quality of the services. A reputed manager will be proud to show you around their facility and introduce you to their team. Also, keep an eye out for the organization and neatness of the collision center. An easy way to do this is by And check out their online reviews.

Whether visiting a collision center for the first time or not, never be afraid to ask questions about how the technicians aim to repair your car. Also, find out if the collision center uses state-of-the-art techniques and technology or not. Here are some questions that you must ask the lead technician of the collision center in Austin:

  • Can my car still be repaired if it has a bent frame?
  • How much is my deductible?
  • How long will it take to repair my car?
  • Can you provide me with a rental car while my vehicle is being repaired?
  • What should I do if my car isn’t driveable?
  • What is your policy in case the technician comes across a new underlying problem that isn’t a part of the original estimate?
  • Can you replace the airbags of my vehicle?
  • Can you match the original paint of my vehicle?
  • What type of replacement parts do you use?

Note that your insurance policy will most probably have specifics on the type of parts that the collision center will use. In case you aim not to use your insurance and pay out of your pocket, then talk to a technician and ask them for their recommendation on which parts will be the best to repair your vehicle. Typically high-reputed collision centers will use OEM replacement parts to replace the damaged structured components of your vehicle and salvaged (recycled) parts to replace the non-structural components of your vehicle.

2.    Check for a Warranty

One of the most important things to look for in a collision center is to find an auto repair shop that offers a warranty on their repairs, maintenance, and services. A reliable collision center in Austin will provide you with a complete warranty on all functioning of the repaired or replaced parts. In case your car develops additional problems or the damage isn’t fixed properly, the technicians of a reputed collision center will inspect your vehicle once again and provide the necessary repairs without you needing to pay any extra bucks. Therefore, when selecting a collision center, make sure to ask the technicians if their shop offers a warranty or not. Note that some collision centers might also offer you a lifetime workmanship guarantee.

3.    Courteous and Helpful Staff

You can tell a lot of the standards of a collision center from their customer service. Whether you stop by a shop or call, make a note of how the technicians of an auto repair shop interact with other customers, each other, and most importantly, how they treat you. Always opt for a collision center that treats everyone with courtesy and respect. The staff shouldn’t only be helpful, but they should make you feel comfortable about your decision.

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No matter how vigilant you are on the road, an accident can happen anytime, resulting in damaging the structure and performance of your vehicle to a great extent. Choosing the right collision center in Austin makes you feel confident as you know that your car will receive the best possible service and repairs. Not only this, but you will experience the highest quality of customer service as technicians ensure that all your insurance claims are handled smoothly. We also recommend researching and opting for a collision center near your home. This way, you will always have a team of professional auto technicians you can trust in the event of an unfortunate accident.