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Paintless Dent Repair vs. Traditional Dent Repair

Does your car, SUV, or truck have a fresh dent? If yes, you can either opt for traditional dent repair or paintless dent repair, depending upon the extent of the damage. During its life, almost every vehicle takes a few dings and dents, which, if not fixed in time, can end up decreasing the car’s resale value.

While some people prefer traditional dent repair, insurance companies prioritize paintless dent repair. This brings us to the ultimate question, “which one should you opt for?” Here is what the professionals at the dent repair in Austin have to say about the differences between paintless dent repair and traditional dent repair.

Paintless Dent Repair

The term “paintless” comes from how experts don’t need to sand off, apply a bond, and repaint after fixing the minor dents and dings using the PDR (paintless dent repair) technique. However, unlike the conventional dent-fixing technique, paintless dent repair can only be performed on dents and dings that are accessible and aren’t too deep. Moreover, the paint should be intact before and after the dent repair.

When performing the paintless dent repair, the experts will use specialized tools and equipment to maneuver behind the dent and gradually push and pull it out. Paintless dent repair brings your vehicle back into its original condition without the added expense of sanding, replacing body panels, priming, and repainting. Even though paintless dent repair is a simple process, you should never do it on your own.


  • More affordable.
  • Doesn’t damage the paint job.
  • Lasts just as long as the traditional dent repair.
  • The process is quicker and takes less than a day.


  • Only fixes minor dings and dents.

Traditional Dent Repair

Also known as conventional dent repair, traditional dent repair is a more extensive process and is primarily used to fix deeper and sharper dents. During a traditional dent repair, an expert will start by sanding off the existing paint in order to determine whether your car needs a filler or not. They will then align the filler perfectly with the vehicle’s surface and will use sanding paper to smoothen it.

In order to ensure that the damaged surface matches the car’s exterior color, the experts at the dent repair in Austin will apply lots of coats of paint and primer. Once the painting process is complete, the expert will apply a final clear coat of paint to seal off the dent. Some pros and cons of traditional dent repair are listed below:


  • The best method to repair deep dents.
  • Fixes the paint job.


  • Takes longer.
  • Can only be done by a professional.
  • More expensive.

Factors to Determine Which Dent Repair Technique Should Be Used

If your car has hail damage or minor dents, paintless dent repair is always the preferred choice. It saves time and is cost-efficient. During a paintless dent repair service, the professionals make sure to remove all signs of damage, revamping your car in its original state.

However, if the vehicle damage is too extreme, has stretched the metal, and destroyed the paint, it is recommended to go for traditional dent repair.

The decision also depends upon the location of the dent. Sometimes even a portion of a centimeter can be the deciding factor in whether you should choose traditional dent repair or paintless dent repair.

Overview: Paintless Dent Repair vs. Traditional Dent Repair

Which dent repair system you should select entirely depends on the shape and size of the dent in your vehicle. While paintless dent repair is more affordable and can repair both small and big dents alike, if your car has a sharp and more obscure dent, traditional dent repair is the perfect method for the job.

 Paintless Dent RepairTraditional Dent Repair
CostCheaper than conventional dent repair.Less expensive than repairing the panel.
TimeMinor Damages: A few hours. Door Ding: 1 day or less. Hail Damage: 2 to 3 days.Minor Damages: 3 to 5 days. Door Ding: 3 to 7 days. Hail Damage: 2 to 3 weeks.
ProcedureUsing special tools to push and pull out the dent.Prepare the dent, apply a layer of bonding sand, and repaint.
Best forDings and minor dents.Deeper hard-to-reach dents.

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