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Automotive hail damage is almost as rare as the phenomenon unless you live in Texas, where hailstorms are pretty much a part of life. The Lone Star State leads the charts for the most hail damage claims in the country, with several hail storms every year. Even though most residents know what to do before the storm hits, the weather in Austin is known for being unpredictable and often catches many car owners off guard. Plus, not every driver has access to a garage or an awning to protect their vehicles, especially when on the road. As a consequence, hail damage repair in Austin amounts to tens of millions of dollars.

Hail Damage Repair Costs and Insurance Coverage

The cost of hail damage repair mainly depends on the severity of the damage and the auto body shop you take your vehicle into. In general, you can pay as little as $40 to $70 for repairs for small or medium dents, while repairing much larger dents and damages can cost you thousands of dollars. Even though the State of Texas only requires liability insurance, you’ll need comprehensive coverage to cover the cost of repairs, especially if you’re leasing or financing the vehicle. Depending on your policy, you’ll have to pay any deductibles while filing the claim while the insurance company takes care of the remaining costs.

As far as hail damage repair in Austin is concerned, you don’t have to necessarily stick to your insurance company’s recommended auto body shop. You can opt for other professional repair services in your area to fix the dents. However, you shouldn’t delay the repairs and head to a body shop right away with plenty of pictures of the incident. Even the lightest of hail damages can take off thousands of dollars from your car’s value. So, getting the repairs done through your insurance or by yourself is the smart move.

How to Choose a Hail Damage Repair Service In Austin

Hail repair is a complex dent repair job that you should never try to do yourself unless you’re a certified technician. There are several things you must consider before choosing a body shop for hail damage repair in Austin, such as:

1.     Dent Types

Your vehicle can suffer from three types of dents – round dents, crease dents, and dings. These dents differ in terms of the severity of damage and repair requirements. For instance, crease dents usually don’t damage the paint and are caused by hail scraping through the sides. In contrast, round dents form when hail falls close to 90-degrees at great velocity. While most body shops can fix minor dents, repairing major dents require intervention from certified repair professionals with proper tools and equipment.

2.     Research

Before you head into a body shop in your area, take some time to do some online research, and speak to their support. Once you have a shortlist of potential shops in the vicinity, you can distinguish their services based on:

3.  Cost

If your goal is to keep the repair costs to a minimum, you might not get the best finished results. Anywhere you go, you’re likely to find similar prices for repairs. The only difference is that a professional service would be able to break down the process and share the cost of each step with you. A proper breakdown structure for cost and work is an indicator of professionals that know what they’re doing.

4. Repair Duration

The last thing you need is to wait for weeks to get your car back following hail damage repairs. Most workshops typically use PDR to fix dents, and this process hardly takes more than a few days, depending on the extent of the damage. You should ask the body shop about the ETA once they’ve done the evaluation and estimation. If they can’t find a justifiable reason for delays or long repair periods, they’re probably outsourcing the job to other services.

5.  Dent Repair and Service Quality

A renowned body shop generally offers superior customer service, better repair jobs, and escalated timeframes. They can even deal with your insurance company to make the repair job less stressful. Some might even provide you a free rental car to manage while your car gets repaired.

Top-Notch Hail Damage Repair in Austin, Texas

At Covert Collision, we understand how frustrating and annoying hail damage repair in Austin can be, which is why we remain transparent with our customers throughout the repair process to make sure your vehicle is taken care of from start to finish. We aim to not only fix major and minor dents but also do our best to preserve your car’s value.

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