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Don't Let The Sun Damage Your Austin Vehicle

Vehicle and sun damage go hand-in-hand in Austin. Did you know that the exterior temperature of your car can go up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the interior temperature can rise up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit if left under the sun for a longer period? This is primarily because cars aren’t designed to be heat or sun-proof, and so consistent exposure to direct sunlight can adversely affect your vehicle’s structure and functionality, especially affecting the battery and engine. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of practical ways to protect your car from sun damage this summer. Read on to find out!

Protecting The Exterior Of Your Austin Vehicle

Due to the increasing temperature, the exterior of your vehicle is the first thing to be hit. With ultra-violet rays the strongest in summer, prolonged exposure can oxidize the exterior coating of your car, resulting in color change or fade. Moreover, if not dealt with in time, it can also cause the exterior of your vehicle to become brittle and weak, resulting in the deformation of your car’s structure. Here are some common ways to protect your car from sun damage:

Wash and Dry Your Car Frequently

Washing your vehicle often helps get rid of dead bugs, minerals, dirt, and debris that can get stuck on the external surface of your vehicle. If not washed properly, these unwanted particles can react with the high heat of the sun and cause the fading of the paint. Moreover, these bugs can undergo bacterial decomposition, which can further damage the surface of your car. Therefore, to protect your car from sun damage, it’s best to wash it almost regularly using laundry detergents as they are specially formulated for a car’s surface. Once done with the wash, use a microfiber cloth to hand dry your car’s exterior and to get rid of all the remaining grime.

Park Your Car Under a Shade

Though this might sound simple, did you know that most of the time, people are too lazy to find a shady place to park their vehicle and just park it right under the sun, especially if they are short of time. On the other hand, parking your car under a shade can cool its temperature by 20 degrees as well as the shade works as a protective shield against harmful UV rays. Therefore, the next time you search for a parking spot, take out 2 to 5 extra minutes to find a cool and shady spot, as it’s one of the easiest ways to protect your car from sun damage.

Get Paint Protection Film

The paint protection film is one of the best investments to protect your car’s exterior from sun damage. Like sunscreen, it’s an invisible layer that acts as a shield of protection for your car. Getting a full paint protection film will also cut down on your vehicle’s maintenance cost, as with the paint protection film, your car will age slower while its revalue will increase over time.

Keep a Regular Check on the Tire Pressure

Although it might seem irrelevant, having a regular check on the tire pressure can protect your car from sun damage. Continuously driving your car can make its tires under-inflated, which can burst due to the increased heat and temperature. Therefore, it’s best to get the tires checked before every summer and make sure that you get follow-up tire pressure checks every month.

Protecting The Interior Of Your Austin Vehicle

Protecting your car’s interior from the sun is equally important as it is to protect its exterior. This is primarily because direct exposure to the sun can ruin the upholstery and essential car components such as the steering wheel and dashboard. Here are some practical ways to protect your car from sun damage:

Window Sunshades

Window sunshades are the most pocket-friendly way to protect your car from sun damage. All you have to do is attach them to the windows, and they ensure maximum sun exposure to your vehicle’s upholstery. One of the best things about window shades is that they can be conveniently used while driving, unlike windshield protection.

Reflectorized Sun Panel

Reflectorized sun panels are one of the most creative things people use to protect their cars from sunlight and heat. Though they might seem odd, sun panels are the most reliable investment to protect your car from sun damage.

Install Seat Covers

From protecting your vehicle’s seat from stains to protecting them against wear and tear, seat covers offer various benefits to your car’s interior. However, the most significant advantage is that installing seat covers improves your riding experience by keeping the interior cool during summer.

Where To Get Car Sun Damage Repair In Austin

With summer around the corner, ensure that you implement the aforementioned expert-advised ways to protect your car from sun damage. Though most of these methods are pocket-friendly, some may require the use of special products.

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