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Our Tesla repair service in Austin can take of maintenance and repairs your need for your Tesla car. Tesla is one of the most sought-after brands for electric vehicles around the world. What started as a solar panel and clean energy storage company has now become a popular automotive brand selling electric cars.

As opposed to gasoline vehicles, Tesla models require no traditional emission spark plug replacements, oil changes, emission checks, or fuel filters. These cars feature regenerative braking that return energy to the battery, thereby minimizing wear on brakes. Hence, brake pad replacements aren’t normally required either.

Yet, Tesla cars are not completely immune to issues. Tesla users have faced some problems. If you’re among them and require Tesla repair in Austin, you’ve come to the right place. Covert Collision is your one-stop solution for all Tesla repair and maintenance needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most common repairs on Tesla electric vehicles:

Common Tesla Issues We Repair In Austin

Among the most common issues Tesla owners have faced relates to the cars’ battery or battery warranty. In some cases, Tesla batteries are reported to have stopped working and demonstrating lower working capacity. Many drivers have complained that their battery stopped working when the temperature dropped.

Memory Failure – Tesla cars feature a main screen referred to as the media control unit (MCU) that provides a lot of information about the vehicle and other aspects tied to its usage. The MCU system relies on eMMc Flash memory, which can be quickly and easily updated. However, the extensive updating of the flash memory can cause the system to fail, leaving the entire MCU useless.

Heating Failure in MX and MS Models – Many customers have noticed the heating element malfunctions in Tesla vehicles. Instances of heating failure have been more common in MX and MS models than in others. Vehicle owners explained that they heard a loud, pop-like noise from the heating cabin, after which the heating stopped.

Cracking Glass in Model 3 – One of the major issues seen in Tesla’s Model 3 (M3) is the tendency of the glass to crack easily. According to car owners, Tesla M3’s rear glass is quite fragile and they had to get the glass repaired three to four times in a row.

Suspension Problems – The heavy Tesla cars are also known to punish the suspension. The worst one being that the front suspension would pop apart and collapse when on full lock and reverse. Although Tesla argues that drivers may have hit a pothole or damaged the suspension in other ways, the complaint is quite common.

What you should do is avoid reverse and full lock whenever possible, especially when it’s extremely cold and the suspension bushes are more brittle and cold. If you face the suspension issue stated above, bring your car to a reliable Tesla service shop like Covert Collision in Austin.

Door Handle for Model S – Tesla Model S is believed to have a problematic handle. Car owners claim that the handles aren’t durable and are of low quality. Many customers said that they had to get them replaced a number of times. When pulled, the handles wouldn’t open and required the person to make more attempts before opening.

Top-Rated Tesla Repair in Austin

Now that you’re aware of the most common Tesla repairs to look out for, it’s time to search for Tesla repair in Austin. If you reside in Austin, Covert Collision is the best Tesla auto shop for you!

At Covert Collision, we expertly address all Tesla issues, from minor paint repairs to major engine overhauls. Our expert technicians have done it all and returned countless Tesla vehicles back to the road. We’ve earned our reputation through unmatched integrity, quality and craftsmanship. We take pride in the professionalism of our repair process, excellent customer service, and the quality of repair.

More importantly, our repair and maintenance service is based 100% on manufacturer guidelines. When it comes to structural repair, we render the repairs while preserving the cars’ structural integrity so that you and your loved ones stay safe. Whether you’re faced with a major issue resulting from an accident, or require maintenance, our certified professionals will make your Tesla good as new. Once they’re done treating your Tesla, you’ll have a smile on your face knowing that the luxury car is back to its original dealer condition.

Come on over for the best Tesla repair in Austin. To schedule your Tesla repairs, contact us at your earliest convenience!

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