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When looking for a wheel repair service in Austin, TX, choose an auto body shop that is certified and affordable. Since wheels are the only point of contact your car has with the road, it’s no wonder that they alone face all those bumpy roads and absorb the shocks created upon hitting a pothole. Not anticipating what can go wrong with the wheels is like inviting wheel problems and facing costly repairs. To ensure that your vehicle remains safe to drive, try to stay alert for signs of wheel issues and have them replaced or repaired as soon as you detect them.

Covert Collision auto body shop is your top Austin wheel repair solution

Covert Collision auto body shop is your top Austin wheel repair solution that promises to address all sorts of wheel repair issues. We repair minor and major chips, scratches, curb rash damage, pothole bends on the inside or outside of wheels. All you need to do is bring your car to our certified auto body technicians.

Here are some of most common wheel issues to look out for:

  • Bulging and Cracking – Upon hitting a curb or pothole, bulges and cracks may appear on your tires, which can in turn damage the sidewall of the tires. The chances of this problem are greater when your wheels are over- or under-inflated. Since the only viable solution is to get the affected tire replaced, so it’s best to drive carefully to avoid the problem in the first place.
  • Wheel Misalignment – A wheel that’s worn more on one side than the other, a condition called camber wear, might be misaligned. This could be a result of general wear and tear, the adjustment you made to the vehicle’s height, or hitting a curb. If not timely fixed, a misaligned tire will reduce its grip and traction on the roads. Depending on how severe the wear is, you’ll need to either get the tire refitted or replaced. Technicians at Covert Collision in Austin will determine the right solution and implement it in no time!
  • Emergency Brake Damage – No matter how safely you drive, there are times when emergency braking becomes inevitable. When you apply the brakes in an attempt to bring your fast-running vehicle to an instant halt, the specific area of your tire that rubbed against the road sustains spontaneous wear. If left for too long, the damage can ultimately obscure vehicle handling. Thus, if you recently had to make an emergency stop, get your tires inspected for any serious wear.
  • Over- and Under-Inflation – Over-inflated tires find it difficult to maintain contact and grip on the road. As the problem exacerbates, they won’t perform safely. Plus, exerting more pressure on over-inflated tires shortens their lifespan. One effective way to track whether your tire is over-inflated is to examine its wear patterns. If the center of the tires appear more worn down than the sides, it’s over-inflated. Under-inflated tires, on the other hand, increases the likelihood of punctures and make you’re the tires more prone to general wear and tear. Plus, it may increase the risk of understeer, paving the way for collisions. You may experience difficulty performing precise maneuvers and face poor handling. To determine whether your tire is under-inflated, monitor its air pressure and have it inflated or deflated from a local auto shop.
  • Punctures and Cuts – Tire punctures and cuts typically result from road hazards, which is why they have nothing to do with driving style. A tiny needle or piece of broken glass on the road is all it takes to cause a puncture or cut on the tire. One great strategy to protect your tires from these is to keep your tires adequately inflated at all times.
  • General Wear and Tear – Even in a perfect world where all drivers drive safely and there aren’t any potholes on the road, every running vehicle will sustain general wear and tear. The legal limit for tires’ treat depth is 1.6mm. Anything below this limit will make it illegal for you to drive.
    You shouldn’t wait for your tires to reach this level before replacing them because it’s the absolute minimum level. Get them replaced before the tread depth hit this level. This way, you’ll be driving safe on roads without compromising on grip and performance.

Unmatched Austin Wheel Repair

Here at Covert Collision in Austin, we can take care of all your minor to major wheel repair needs. Our experienced mechanics have been servicing wheels of all shapes, sizes, and manufacturers for varying levels of cracks, bends, and curb rashes. Our extraordinary team relies on state-of-the-art technology to offer expert advice and dependable services. They receive ongoing training to stay current about the latest techniques for wheel restoration, straightening, polishing, and painting.

We also can help you with insurance claims as well as provide towing services. The next time you need wheel repair services in Austin, get in touch with our team right away!

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