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Have you been recently involved in an accident and are wondering if your car will ever resemble its original self again? Don’t worry; our auto body repair services have got you covered. While scratches, dents, and dings might not seem visibly or drivingly painful, they might lead to future malfunctions. However, if not dealt with in time, other detrimental issues like a deformed frame can lead to further damage, the cost of which could end up burning a hole in your pocket.

What Types Of Auto Body Repair Are Most Needed In Austin?

Regardless of what type of damage your vehicle has suffered, remember that more often than not, it can be repaired. Without further ado, let’s look at five common auto body repair services in Austin.

Dent Repair

There are two types of dent repair services:

  • Traditional Dent Repair Service- There are many other ways to repair a dent apart from PDR- auto body repair services. When it comes to traditional dent auto body repair services, two traditional methods are used. In the first method, professionals use body-filler putty to fill the dent. The fixed dent is also sanded to blend with the shape and form of your vehicle’s body. Comparatively, in the second method, the professionals first drill the dent and then insert a specialized tool to pull it out. They closed the drilled hole by filling it up with different materials. In either of the auto body repair services cases, the professionals will be required to repaint the damaged area.
  • PDR-Paintless Dent Repair Service- In case your vehicle has been hit in a way that the dent did not damage the paint, you may require PDR-auto body repair services. Like its name, it’s the process of removing a dent without having to repaint the vehicle body. Additionally, for your vehicle to be an eligible candidate for PDR, make sure that the damage done is accessible from the backside. PDR- auto body repair services work best on door panels, fenders, trunks, and hoods.

Car Paint Refinishing

If left unaddressed, rock chips, nicks, and paint scratches can lead to rust and other underlying car damage as it leaves your vehicle exposed to salt, water, and other environmental elements. So, in case your vehicle has been damaged in a certain area, the only way possible to fix it is by either using a filler or other auto body repair services methods; you will most definitely require car paint refinishing services.

This is an ecologically safe and durable process in which the professionals will apply a high-grade primer and sealant to the accidental area. They will then follow up by applying an eco-friendly base coat to give your car the desired polyurethane and clear finish. The auto body repair services professionals will end the car paint refinishing process by hand-polishing the scratch and turning it into sparkle.

In case the scratch isn’t deep enough and hasn’t penetrated through the pain, the auto body repair services professionals will clear out the damage by leveling off the layers of pain and buffing the damaged area to renew your vehicle’s smooth and finished look.

Wheel Repair

From cracks to scrapes and gauges, wheel damage can take away your car’s curb appeal significantly. If not dealt with in time, the minor damages and unfortunate appearance can also result in you requiring an expensive repair- brand new wheels.

Luckily, auto body repair services professionals have been perfecting their rim repair and wheel repair techniques to meet the growing demand for high-quality wheels. Whether it’s damaged or bent rims, scratched wheels, or peeling clear coats, you can get your wheels to their original condition in no time with the right auto body repair services.

A standard wheel process begins with a comprehensive inspection of the damage followed by the required auto body repair services. These include; wheel straightening, refinishing, buffing, polishing, powder coating, repainting, and grinding.

Vehicle Aluminum Repair

Vehicle aluminum repair has completely changed the auto body repair services world. Unlike steel, which has a “metal memory,” meaning that it can be easily returned to its original state, aluminum is more pliable; therefore, special tools are needed to repair the damage. Moreover, aluminum also reacts differently to heat which means that too much heat can compromise the integrity of your vehicle’s body. Therefore, special tools and expertise is required to carry out aluminum auto body repair services.

If your vehicle has an aluminum-based body such as the Ford F-150, do not worry, as, with the professional aluminum auto body repair services, you can get your vehicle fixed without causing any further damage to its body.

Vehicle Structural Repair

Any damage to your vehicle’s chassis or underlying structure is known as structural damage. Compared to standard repairs, vehicle structural auto body repair services are often more technical and precise. Primarily because the structure of your car works like a skeleton, and so repairing it requires expertise to ensure that the fixed vehicle meets the manufacturer’s design, performance, safety, and durability standards.

Scheduling Auto Body Repair Service In Austin

Following a collision, visit an auto body repair services shop to get any damaged exterior components repaired or fixed. Our auto body repair professionals also repair any mechanical parts that might hamper your ability to drive safely. To get quality results, make sure that you choose Covert Collision auto body repair services in Austin.

Not only do we have the expertise and experience, but also the latest tools and equipment to restore your car to its pre-accident condition. We have fixed thousands of cars to date, from minor dings to serious collision damage, so we’re confident that we offer the best quality accident repair in Austin, Texas.

We also can help you with insurance claims as well as provide towing services. Get in touch with our team right away!

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