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Being stuck on the side of the road never happens on a schedule. It is an unexpected nuisance but it is not something you need to worry too much about. Covert Collision is one of the best Austin towing services available to you in case of an emergency. If you need to get your car to the closest garage or your home, just give them a call!

Why Do You Need Them?

Some things like running over a nail, or a battery dying for no specific reason, or the engine breaking down always happen out of the blue and you cannot be prepared for it irrespective of how particular you are with your vehicle’s inspection.

Towing companies are called in the case of several roadway incidents. Here are a few incidents when you can ask for help:

  • Your vehicle breaking down (overheating, battery dying, running out of gas, flat tire)
  • Your vehicle colliding with another vehicle, a fixed object, an animal, or a pedestrian
  • Your vehicle running off the road
  • Load Shift; cargo on the roadway
  • Your car simply won’t start

What Is Included With Our Austin Towing Service?

Roadside assistance varies based on your requirements and the service provider you opt for. But some of the common services they offer are replacing your tires, jump-starting your car, providing gasoline, and towing.

Expectations from Towing Services In Austin

Every company has a different roadside assistance plan. Before choosing one for yourself, ensure extensive research. Read up on the plans offered, the fee, and what is included in that. Every provider doesn’t offer the same options.

Irrespective of the situation you are in, there are certain expectations of towing companies:

  • Guarantee Site Safety
  • Vehicle Removal
  • Vehicle Safe Keeping

Guarantee Site Safety

The traffic around your vehicle needs to be informed of the incident. Appropriate tools like flares, signs, flashing lights, barricades, flaggers, and cones should be used to prevent any additional vehicles from being involved in the incident. There should be tools used so that other vehicles can see the holdup from afar. After an accident, injury, death from fire, explosion, or equipment failure are all very real possibilities. Drivers, bystanders and responders should be protected from harm by maintaining a safe distance from the incident.

If property damage has occurred on the scene, it should be located and remedied. Property damage could also be minor like a fluid spill, contaminated soil, flattened grass or damaged shrubs.

Vehicle Removal & Safekeeping

Your Austin towing company should have the appropriate tools like a winch, chains, and rigs to load the vehicle for transportation. The affected vehicle should be attached correctly to avoid damage or injury during movement.

Proper tools and training are integral for towing and recovery companies to fulfill their duties without causing further damage.

Towing Radius

The towing radius is the number of miles a service will provide before charging you. It could be as low as 3 miles before you are charged and this would end up being very expensive based on your daily route and the garages nearby. This might seem insignificant but always check for the towing radius the company offers.

What to Do While You Wait for the Towing Company

There are a few things you should do while you wait for the towing company to come rescue you.

  1. Call your insurance company and report the issue you are facing, some companies would even reimburse the tow cost.
  2. Take pictures of the damage caused for your own and official record.

When booking the company, make sure to request a price estimate and the procedure to tow the car. Don’t throw away your receipt as you might need it for your insurance company.

Getting Roadside Assistance In Austin When You Need It

When you need roadside assistance in Austin, help is a call away. If you are looking for Austin Towing Services, get in touch with Covert Collision to learn more about the services we offer.

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