What Causes Austin Car Paint to Fade
and How to Prevent It

The garage might be its ultimate destination, but your car spends most of the time outdoors, where it remains exposed to the elements that cause your car paint to fade over time. Perhaps you bought a shiny, black car, but over the years, it has lost its original color, which has been downgraded to a cross between fog and mud. There are various factors that contribute to this.

In this guide, we’ll study the causes of fading car paint and how to prevent it.

What Causes Your Car Paint To Fade

The most common factors that contribute to fading car paint include:

Car Wash

Some car washes involve the use of strong soaps that cause the shiny finish of the clear coat to diminish. Many car owners also leverage spinning plastic brushes that not only damage the paint but also make the clear coat appear dull.

Sun Rays

One thing we have plenty of in Austin is sunshine. Oxidation from the sun’s UV rays is a top reason for fading car paint. When your car remains exposed to the UV rays from the sun, heat builds up underneath the vehicle’s clear coat, thereby mixing it with oxygen. This process of oxidation causes the molecules of the paint’s structure to break down, so the paint color begins to fade and appear less vibrant.

If not immediately addressed, the paint surface will become subject to more damage, feeling dusty or rough. Next, the clear coat may start flaking off. If the metal on your car’s body gets exposed, it will become highly vulnerable to rust, which will undermine the structural integrity of your car and in turn your safety.

Acid Rain

Acid rain comprises acidic elements, which, if allowed to settle on your vehicle’s exterior, will damage its paint. Even after the water has evaporated, the acidic material tends to stay on surfaces. If not addressed, the residue will not just ruin the paint but also weaken the metal on the car’s body.

Air Pollution

At most, 95% of the fuel that goes into the combustion chamber is burned by engines. The rest of the 5% that’s released from the exhaust system pollutes the environment.  This, combined with other sources of pollution generate an incredible amount of carbon particulates that end up on your car exterior. The jagged and hard carbon molecules lead to scarring on the clear coat, leading to faded paint or oxidation. Pollution also triggers acid rain.

Now that you’re aware of the most common causes of faded car paint, let’s find out how to prevent it:

How to Prevent Austin Car Paint From Fading

Here are some effective tips to prevent your car’s paint from fading:

Park in the Shade

Since prolonged exposure to the UV rays will only accelerate the oxidation process that harms your car’s paint, avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. Even when you visit somewhere, consider parking in a shade or covered parking. If there’s no enclosed space to park your car, put on a car cover to protect its body from sun rays.

Wash Your Car Regularly

To protect the top coat of your car from existing and future damage, it’s important that you deep clean your car. Regular cleaning helps prevent dirt, grime, and bird droppings from sticking to the paint job and causing it to fade.

Avoid Using Abrasive Products

If you wish to preserve the glossy shine of your car’s body paint, use cleaning products that are free of abrasives. Plus, before wiping down the car’s exterior, don’t forget to clean the cloth, sponges, or brushes you’re going to use. Any amount of dirt and stones buried in the wiping materials can easily cause chipping, scratching, and create other issues for the paint finish.

Properly Dry Your Vehicle

After regular washing, be sure to dry your car’s body using clean cotton rags or a microfiber cloth that will absorb excess moisture. If you leave the vehicle to air-dry automatically, moisture may leave behind minerals that have been linked to faded car paint.

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