HAs Your Vehicle Sustained Strucural Damage?
Frame & Structural Repair

Finding out that your vehicle has sustained structural damage, and now needs major repairs, can be a scary moment for any vehicle owner. Rest assured, Covert Collision is here to get you back on the road swiftly and safely. Our expert technicians are trained by Car-O-Liner, the leading equipment manufacturer and provider in the USA for automotive frame measuring and repair. Covert Collision Center has the ability to electronically measure and document hundreds of data points on your vehicle to verify that factory tolerances are precisely met. Every vehicle with suspected structural damage undergoes a meticulous, computer aided analysis. This allows us to identify what is needed in order to accurately repair your vehicle at the beginning of the repair process.

What is frame tolerance, and why is it so important? Tolerance in manufacturing usually refers to the physical differences between two identically manufactured parts. Frame tolerances and measurements affect things like handling, braking, tire wear, suspension geometry, air bag timing, and how a vehicle absorbs energy during an accident. In modern vehicles, it is absolutely essential that frame tolerances are astoundingly tight. This is made possible by smarter, better machining processes, and requires computer and machine verification to ensure quality before a component ever makes its way into your vehicle. In order to offer peace of mind and maintain vehicle safety, after an accident, a part cannot be repaired or replaced without repeating this advanced technical process. With our specially trained and certified staff, using our Car-O-Liner technology, we are able to reliably repair and replace a vehicle frame with extreme precision and total reliability. Auto manufacturing has come a long way, and as auto manufacturers continue to push the envelope of automotive design, so too are we. Vehicles have become better than ever due to the advanced technology that goes into designing and producing them, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure that your vehicle will retain every ounce of safety and reliability that the engineers designed it to have from the day it rolled off the line. All repairs are certified and guaranteed for the life of your vehicle when you come to Covert Collision Center – that’s our commitment to you.

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