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The horrible crunch of accidentally getting too close to a curb is one of the most awful sounds one can hear while driving. It’s often accompanied by instant regret, embarrassment, and frustration. Oh, to go back in time and avoid the pain! It’s a terrible feeling assessing the battle scars with a heavy heart and not knowing what to do. You are not alone – we’ve all been there. Whether it’s an encounter with a curb in a parking lot, potholes on the road, or an accident with another vehicle, your wheels go through a lot. Regardless of whether your wheels are scratched, bent, or flat out cracked, Covert Collision has you covered. Wheel repair is an essential step in getting your vehicle safely back on the road, and Covert Collision Center can provide the best repair vs. replacement options for any damage to your wheels. Our expert team can address your needs and concerns economically.

Covert Collision has attained a wide range of OEM certifications as well as being I-CAR Gold Class Certified – so you and your wheels are in the hands of the top auto body experts in the Austin area. Your safety is our utmost concern, and the integrity of your wheels is a crucial component of your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or get a free online estimate.

Wheel Refinishing:

Accidental contact with a curb is the most common cause of wheel scratches and scuffs. Not only do scuffed up wheels affect the visual appeal and resale value of your vehicle, but similar to a scratch on the body of your vehicle, wheel scratches can lead to corrosion or further damage of your wheels if not repaired. Our team at Covert Collision Center has the ability to refinish damaged wheels and expertly match the factory finish. We are also experienced with handling custom wheels, even if they are painted or dipped.

Wheel Straightening:

Even during daily driving, your vehicle’s wheels are exposed to massive forces. Your wheels are responsible for withstanding the forces of acceleration, braking, cornering, and of course the occasional encounter with surprise potholes and sneaky parking lot curbs. Thankfully, scratches, bends, gouges, or small missing sections can typically be repaired.  Many times the impact from a curb, wreck, or pothole may cause your wheel to bend. It may be visible or just minor enough that you don’t notice it at first. A bent wheel can lead to premature tire wear, alignment issues, loss of performance, loss of air pressure and, most importantly, makes it dangerous to drive your vehicle. If you have a bent rim, Covert Collision Center has the ability to straighten and repair your wheel safely. Any bent wheels will go through a visual safety inspection by our estimators to determine if repair or replacement is the best option for your vehicle. Keep in mind, should there be any cracks in the wheel, our team will not be able to repair them for safety reasons. Again, not all bends may be able to be repaired so it’s best to schedule an appointment to confirm the best route to go if you have a bent wheel.

Wheel Replacement:

If the structural integrity of the wheel has been compromised, we highly recommend replacing the wheel. After all, if there’s a crack in the wheel or a severe bend that cannot be safely repaired, then that wheel can no longer reliably hold the weight of the vehicle, especially under the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering. Not to mention, wheels with damage like that often have trouble even holding air pressure in the tires. Covert Collision Center has access to genuine OEM wheels that perfectly match your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about picking an aftermarket look or be worried about your safety as you drive down the road. Not all wheels are created equal, and cheaper wheels are cheaper for a reason. Even if we don’t have a particular wheel selection in stock, we have access to thousands of wheels from the top manufacturers.

Wheel Painting:

Correcting scuffs and touching up minor cosmetic scratches can often be done quickly and easily as part of our wheel repair and wheel painting process. Even if your wheels are in excellent shape, this is a great way to accent your vehicle’s style. Contact us to learn more.

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