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Tesla released its first electric car, the Roadster, in 2008 becoming one of the pioneers of the clean energy automobile movement. Flash forward to the modernday, Tesla is among the leading electric car brands worldwide. However, with Tesla vehicles rapidly growing all over the country, so is the need for Tesla-certified repair services. Unlike most cars, you cannot take a Tesla to any regular body shop. You need a service that specializes in Tesla repair services and original parts procurement.

Covert Collision – A Tesla-Certified Body Shop in Austin, Texas

Covert Collision Center is a trusted source for many Tesla owners in Austin. As one of Lone Star State’s few Tesla-approved body shops, we aim to provide topnotch collision repairs for your vehicle. With a dedicated team of qualified and experienced Tesla technicians, you can expect accurate and premium quality services with the latest equipment, tools, and technologies. Our team services all Tesla models, including the Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y, and Roadster.  

Our Services

The competent team of technicians at Covert Collision Body Shop can take care of all your repair needs from minor paint jobs to full body overhaul. We can also help you with insurance claims (if applicable), give you a quote for the essential repairs, and make sure you’re well communicated throughout the repair process. So pay a visit to our shop or contact our team to avail our myriad of services.  

Collision Damage

At Covert Collision Body Shop, we know how stressful auto accidents can be. To ensure we live up to our client‘s expectations, we use the proper tools the intricate design and technology of Tesla demands. With years of knowledge under our belt, you can rest easy knowing we got you covered.  

Many crashes don’t usually occur at high speeds. As a result, you can end up damaging your Tesla’s frame. Our trained technicians use a specialized laser-programmed machine to return your Tesla to its default specifics (pre-accident condition). However, not all frames can be repaired, especially after high-speed collisions. In this case, we offer complete frame replacement using the latest tools and mechanical equipment to ensure consistent results. The process usually starts with an in-depth diagnosis of your Tesla’s frame damage followed by disassembly of several parts, including fuel connections, refrigerant lines, and infotainment system, etc. Once the new frame is installed, all the salvageable parts are reinstalled to get your Tesla back into its pre-accident condition.

Dent Repair

At Covert Collision Center, we offer both traditional and paintless dent repair. During this process, our team starts by removing the body panel and all necessary parts to reach the dent and use specialized tools to restore it to its original shape. Our team also uses a computerized paint-matching system that ensures the new paint matches your Tesla’s original color.  

Tire Rotation

Tesla recommends drivers rotate their tires every 6,250 miles. If you live in Austin, you’ve probably experienced premature tire wear due to aggressive driving and average road conditions. As part of our Tesla repair services, we also fix unbalanced and misaligned wheels that affect handling and steering by following Tesla’s instructions to the last word.  

Wheel Repair

Damaged wheels are a common sight for Austin dwellers as they often drive their Teslas on parking lot bumps, potholes on the road, or collide with another car, resulting in scratches, cracks, and bends. At Covert Collision Center in Austin, we offer several wheel repair options, including refinishing, straightening, replacement, and painting. We effectively deal with all minor and major scratches and return your Tesla to its original condition.  

Engine Maintenance

Our technicians actively review maintenance recommendations from Tesla for safety, performance, and durability optimization practices to ensure our clients get the best Tesla repair services. Unlike traditional gas and diesel cars, Tesla cars don’t need fuel filters, exhaust emission checks, or oil changes. The most common repairs include cabin air filter replacement to ensure dust or other particles don’t enter the car through the vents. Tesla also recommends replacing the HighEfficiency Particulate filter every three years. Lastly, you don’t want faulty air conditioning during summer in Austin. So, if you haven’t serviced your Tesla’s air conditioning in 2 years, it’s time to bring it to the shop. For Model X, Model Y, and Model 3, you can wait 4-6 years before your next service.

Need Tesla Repair Services?

Most people don’t like taking their cars to body shops. However, the experts at Covert Collision Center take care of everything and return your Tesla in the best shape possible. For more information regarding our services, feel free to contact our team.

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