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Car accident repair in Austin; not all body shops are the same. Whether you met with an accident or are looking for an Austin auto body repair shop, it is beneficial to understand the auto repair process and what to expect.

Why Is Auto Body Repair Important?

After minor accidents, we often skip car accident repair assuming we don’t need it as it is nothing major. However, if we continue driving a damaged car, it could lead to dire consequences.

A minor fender bender might be hiding greater damage so you need to visit a body shop to get the damage assessed and repaired immediately. A good Austin auto body repair shop should offer repairs like towing, denting, structural repairs, paint jobs, and frame repairs or replacements. Covert Collision in Austin is your local body shop that offers all of these premium services, and more.

The consequences of not contacting your body shop immediately are as follows:

  • Safety: You are compromising your safety and that of others around you even if you experienced a minor parking lot bump. To the naked eye, the damage might appear small but a professional would be able to assess the actual damage. There could be internal damages caused by the impact which could create problems for you in the future.
  • Further Damage Prevention: Basic dents and scratches on the outside don’t mean there can’t be underlying damages. There could be brake issues, problems with the steering wheel or heating problems post impact that only a professional can detect. If you overlook these issues and delay repairs, these issues might escalate and end up costing you even more.
  • Covered by Insurance: If your car’s loan isn’t paid off completely yet, the state of Texas requires you to get a comprehensive damage assessment done. This policy also expresses the importance of getting repairs immediately if you want to keep your coverage. Insurance companies do not offer extra coverage if you have delayed repairs on your car or have not been keeping it up to date.
  • Your Car’s Value: If your car was paid for in cash or if your loan has been paid off, you could put your car’s value at risk if you do not seek immediate attention for your collision and auto body repair services. Or if you decide to sell the car without repairs, you might not be getting the best price for your car. Used vehicles are easily sold but nobody would choose to buy a damaged and faulty car.

Getting your vehicle looked at immediately after a major or minor accident is very important as it prevents any further damages to your vehicle while keeping you safe.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident In Austin

In the wake of a car accident in Austin, make sure to do the following:

Stay Safe and Call 911 – The most important thing after being in an accident is to get out of the way of oncoming traffic and on the other side of the road. This will keep you safe and prevent a hold-up.

You should then call the police whether it is a minor accident or a major collision. The officer would make an accident report for you which you would need for your insurance company. You can also file a report at the nearest police station if an officer is unavailable.

Documentation – One of the most important things to do is take pictures of the scene. Take pictures of the vehicles involved in the incident, the weather conditions, the condition of the road, the lighting on the road and if you have any injuries. Make a record of it all.

Exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver if the accident involved more than just you.

Don’t Admit Fault – It is advised to not offer your opinion on the accident; just state facts. It is the insurance company’s responsibility to determine who is at fault, not yours.

Get Medical Attention – Sometimes, we assume we are not hurt because there seem to be no physical injuries. However, right after an accident, our body pumps adrenaline which makes it difficult to detect injuries. Even if you don’t see visible injuries, it is advised to visit the doctor and get yourself examined for any injuries, even if they are minor.

Call Your Insurance Company – Whether you are at the scene of the incident or after it happened, contacting your insurance company to start a claim is very important. They would also guide you with the procedure moving forward and what to expect from the insurance claim process.

Find an Austin Car Accident Repair Shop

Insurance companies offer a list of preferred shops to which you can take your vehicle for repair but it is not necessary to follow their suggestions. Choose an auto body shop that you are comfortable with. Covert Collision in Austin is professional, friendly and affordable. They walk you through insurance claims and guide you in every step of the process of getting your vehicle repaired after a car accident.

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