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Advantages of Using a Windshield Cover

From freezing winter to the dust storms and the scorching sun, the windshield of your car bears it all. We live in a world where the climate keeps changing drastically. These kinds of temperature changes don’t only pose challenges for drivers but for vehicles as well. While windshield covers are a popular investment for summer, we advise using the waterproof, reflective vehicle accessory all year long as it protects your car’s crystal clear windshield glass from scratches and dents.

Are you still confused? Here is a list of the top 7 reasons to use a windshield cover:

1.    Regulates Temperature

The windshield cover is a lifesaver, especially if your area of residence faces extreme climate changes (extreme summers and freezing winters). In simpler words, the temperature of the cabin space of your car can skyrocket in no time when parked in direct sunlight, without any protection. However, the side shades might work for a good 30 to 60 minutes. Imagine leaving your car under the mercy of the sun over the course of your 8-hour work shift.

Getting back inside the vehicle will be no less than a nightmare. This is where a windshield cover comes to the rescue. Not only is this one of the most important reasons to use a windshield cover but also the most essential one, as the windshield cover reflects the sunlight, reducing the inner temperature by 30-degrees in the summers. On the other hand, in the winter, it reduces the cool time by helping maintain the heater’s warmth for a longer time. 

2.    Reduces the Risk of Windshield Scratches

Dents and scratches on the windshield can be dangerous for the driver and affect the value and aesthetics of your car. Such that a single scrape or scratch on the windshield can impact the driver’s visibility, increasing the risk of being a victim of an accident. Moreover, there’s also a great risk that a small abrasion on indentation can increase in size, causing disruption in glare and the field of vision. Using a windshield cover will help in keeping the windscreen in pristine condition and will also lower the risk of scratches and nicks.

3.    Prevents Risk of Ice Build-Up and Protects Your Hands

Have you ever canceled a trip just because the windshield was covered with snow or ice? If yes, you might already know that removing ice and snow from the windshield is a tiresome task that is painful and time-consuming. Even if you use a snow scrapper, the chances are that you might find yourself fumbling for the scrapper and dropping it every now and then. However, if you have a windshield cover, you no longer have to waste time every morning trying to find a pair of waterproof gloves. Instead, all you need to do is unhook the windshield cover, and your car will be good to go!

4.    Improves Visibility

According to statistics, poor visibility causes over 38,000 accidents in the United States every year. Using a windshield cover protects the glass while offering clarity when you are on the road. Doing so will ultimately reduce the risk of you encountering hazards and accidents while driving.

5.    Lowers Risk of Sun Damage

Direct exposure to sunlight isn’t only dangerous for humans but vehicles as well. Manufactured from special reflective material, windshield covers protect your car’s interior from the harmful rays of the sun. This will also protect the paint of your car and slow down the process of fading.

6.    Eliminates the Need to Scrape

Accumulated snow on the windscreen creates a thick layer of ice that is impossible to see through. Even though the defroster system within your car can help in melting away the ice, the mess it leaves behind decreases visibility and causes a huge mess. Traditionally, in order to get rid of the snow, you will need to scrape it off using your hands. However, this can obstruct your line of sight, and you might end up creating scratches in the process. On the flip side, if you try to use a hammer to break the stubborn ice sheet, there are chances that you might crack the glass open. In all cases, the most full-proof solution is to use a windshield cover to protect your car from snow and hail.

Consider a Windshield Cover & Protect Your Vehicle

Though a simple act, using a windshield cover to protect your car will go a long way. From small falling objects to snow and UV rays, the thin layer of protection of a windshield cover will safeguard your vehicle’s windshield from everything. Save your time and money and avoid the hassle of visiting an auto body shop frequently by investing in a windshield cover today!