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Professional Chevy auto body repair service can restore your Chevy car, truck or SUV to it’s original condition. A new car is an investment, and we would want to do all we can to keep it looking flawless. To protect the value of your car, you need to avoid damage to the paint and body. If minor or major damages happen to occur, it is best to take it to a professional auto body shop in Austin for repair. The cosmetic damage on a car might seem insignificant, but only a skilled auto technician would be able to correctly assess if there is more damage than meets the eye.

When Do I Take My Chevy Car to the Auto Body Shop in Austin?

Scratches and Dings

Small scratches are pretty common when your car is in the parking lot or generally left unattended. But a deep scratch that affects the clear coat and paint of the car needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Deep scratches allow moisture to get under the paint and eventually cause rust and other damage to the car’s body.

Small dents or door dings on your Chevy vehicle are unappealing to the eye but don’t usually cause further damage to the car. It’s your call if you would like to get it repaired or not in Austin. If you ever plan on selling your car, it is recommended to get it repaired to avoid depreciation of the vehicle’s value. Whenever you do get repairs done, only go to a professional body shop that has the required experience.

Rust Repair

Rust can be caused due to salt in the air if you live near the beach, long-term exposure to the elements, or any damage such as scratches that were not repaired immediately. It is a long process to remove rust from the car effectively to make sure it does not return. The car is often disassembled to reach the rust on the affected part to get rid of it completely.

The extent of the rust is often not visible till the Chevy repair work has already begun. The affected area might start to grow in size once the paint and rust are removed. If this is the case, a good Austin body shop would contact you and confirm how much repair you would like done on the car.

Collision Repair

Collisions are more common than expected in passenger vehicles. After an accident, a car needs to be repaired correctly, or the driver might be at risk. At first glance, the damage might look minor, like just a damaged front end. More often than not, the frame or body might sustain some damage that is not visible to you.

Frame Straightening

In modern Chevy cars, the frame and the body act as one unit. The frame rails are now made of metal sheets in newer cars and welded to the bottom of the vehicle. Because of this design, the car can be easily damaged, even from a minor crash. A major collision could cause the entire car to be twisted and damaged or cause premature wear to other parts over time.

Our Austin Auto body shop has the equipment to assess the body and frame of the car and make sure they are both aligned. A good mechanic would be able to measure your car with a laser and a computer to check whether your car’s body and frame have a high tolerance. If you ever do suspect that the frame or body is out of alignment, you should get it checked.

Functions No Longer Work

If there are certain features in your car that are no longer functional, like problems opening your hood or flickering lights, you could get a ticket. All features like lights, headlights, taillights, and turn signals must be in working order if you are taking your car out at night. To avoid a ticket on your permanent record, take your car to the shop immediately after you notice an issue.

Resale Value

If you plan on selling your Chevy vehicle in Austin, you need to take it for auto body repair. Damage to the car could really affect the car’s resale value. The money spent on repairs is often much lower than the amount docked off your vehicle because of the damage.

State Inspection

At the time of inspection of a vehicle in Texas, a checklist is used. If any of the items mentioned on that checklist are damaged, such as a mirror or the lights, your car will not pass the inspection till the damage is fixed. If you delay repairs and don’t pass your inspection, your registration renewal could be delayed. In this case, you could be issued a ticket for expired registration. You could have used that money for auto body repair. To avoid this hassle and future regrets, do not delay any repairs needed on your vehicle.

Find the Best Chevy Auto Body Shop in Austin, Texas?

For Chevy car owners in Austin, contact Covert Collision Center and discuss your Chevy auto body repair needs. Their professionals will be quick to assess the damage to your vehicle and provide you with a quote for the highest quality repair. Stop by or call to set up an appointment.

We also can help you with insurance claims as well as provide towing services. The next time you need Chevy repair services, reach out to Covert Collision for the best Chevy auto body service in Austin. Get in touch with our team right away!

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